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Over 20 years of helping people find their potential

Performance Booster is a personal development program that takes people to the next level and speaks to those who believe in growing their people. Originally conceptualized, designed, trained and tested by Cobus Tomlinson more than 15 years ago Performance Booster is the go to program for those who seek to reach their goals.

20 Years strong & counting

Performance Booster has successful been executed throughout Southern Africa over the last 20 years.


Trusted & accredited

Our programs are trusted &  accredited with the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA). LGRS-1973-190626. We are a SETA Accredited service provider.


Trusted by over 100 businesses

We’ve assisted over 100 businesses and their teams to grow, improve their productivity and find their true potential.

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The Founder/ Visionary
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    We have a number of Debonairs Pizza stores and have been operating for over ten years now, always working on ways for our managers to improve their leadership skills and to realise more of their potential and power in their roles as leaders. The Performance Booster Workshop with Mel and her team gave our managers some space to escape the stores and focus on their personal leadership styles. They were also able to work on their vision and where they see themselves in the future. This is something not everyone spends enough time on and Mel’s methods are proven to assist in this process. They came away from the workshop with new energy and ideas on how they will tackle the challenges that life will throw at them. I can say that the workshop was money-well-spent. How can we grow our business if we are not growing our leaders? The workshop also came at a good time as we were negatively impacted by the pandemic and the looting that took place. Having been through the workshop our managers were better prepared to lead their teams through the times of crisis and we have come out the other side stronger and more unified as a company! I highly recommend investing in your leaders and the Performance Booster is a great place to start.

    • Debonairs Pizza
    • Debonairs Pizza
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    Thank you Mel for helping me ask the hard questions and face the facts with regards to adapting my business to the current changing landscape. After only one Zoom session with Mel I now have a clear path to proceed in an effort to adjust my business to the changing needs of clients and the market.

    • Adele Schormann
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    My experience of business coaching by Mel Tomlinson of Performance Booster was an eye opener, taking me out of my comfort zone, and prompted me to start thinking about the road I am traveling, my objectives and what I really want to achieve with my legal practice.

    • Gideon Robberste
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    This has been an enlightening journey of discovery about myself and my team, has had huge impact, exceeded expectations, was money well spent! Loved doing the vision board!

    • Allan Hoffman
    • Forever Resorts
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    I learned so much, how to deal with the inner you. All the pain and confusion of life has vanished. I am a person now because of you. I am going to apply my energy to success

    • Joyce Serame
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    I was thankful for this program; it was able to open my heart and my dreams. I shall never forget these days. You gave me courage towards life and challenges and problems and how to deal with them.

    • Mpho Macheru
    • SPAR Group
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    I have gained knowledge and practical implementations of how to improve my life and circumstances, both at work and personally. You have given me the recipe for success, now I am going to cook up a storm!

    • Louw Du Preez
    • Training Manager, ATTI College
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    If you want to change the course of your company/business in a positive way, get the Performance Booster program!

    • Elliot Wagner
    • Kohler Auto

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