The Performance Booster Program

Women in business operate slightly differently from their male equals. For this reason we have created a two day, Business Women Booster, just for female leaders. Although the content is the same as that of our Business Booster workshop many additional benefits are experienced through the mutual understanding and sharing that takes place throughout the two days.

As with our Business Booster, after two days the female delegates will be aligned to their goals, have a well-designed action plan for achievement of success, feel more confident in their capabilities to reach their full potential and belong to a small, intimate circle of like-minded business women who can call on each other for advice and support each other going forward.

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Ideal group size

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Expected outcomes

For the individual:

  • Renewed commitment to personal goals and dreams
  • Clearly defines desires and goals
  • A workable action plan for success
  • Increased self confidence
  • Tools for self-mastery
  • Renewed focus
  • Improved relationships at home


For the company:

  • Improved team cohesion
  • Increased collective EQ
  • Better communication
  • Renewed positivity
  • Can do attitudes
  • Increased team performance
  • Disengaged team members likely to step up or step out

Who should attend?

Performance Booster speaks to those who believe in growing their people. Management teams, sales teams, cross-departmental groups, production and HR all stand to benefit. Employee engagement is a direct byproduct of attending the Performance Booster Program.


How it works

Ideally small groups of 8-16 delegates attend a 2 day, highly interactive Performance Booster workshop. This is followed 3 months later by a Re-Booster to realign and recommit everyone, share insights and celebrate success. One year later there is again a touch-base session to measure successes and celebrate together.

The composition of the group will determine additional outcomes. Team Booster & Time Booster further supports the process.


When & where?

The Performance Booster program is run at the convenience of client’s chosen time and venue which can be confirmed upon making a booking.