The Re-Booster Workshop

As a direct response to our client’s request to add another layer of support to the development process, we added an optional, extra day to the Business Booster which takes place from 3 to 6 months after the original two days.

This aims to

  • Further imbed the information and knowledge shared during Business Booster
  • Deepen the understanding of new concepts learnt after they have been experienced first-hand by participants
  • Build in an opportunity for accountability and revisiting the goals set during the first part of the journey and ensure that participants are on track.
  • Share new and more advanced tools to further grow and develop the individuals.
  • It also increases team cohesion by getting together, reflecting , sharing and making new commitments.

When & where?

A similar, tailormade , one day workshop can be run every three to six months to increase the possibility of successful change and transformation both for individuals and for the team.