The Team Booster Program

Teams are dynamic entities with a variety of individuals with different personalities, skills and expertise adapting to a specific leadership style and company culture. Ultimately it is the function of leadership to optimize the output of a team. While the initial Performance Booster Program takes the individuals through a process of personal development and the alignment of their own goals, Team Booster focuses on the areas the company has control over (above the waterline) and aligns the individual to those goals.

Through this alignment and the in depth understanding of the companies goals, strategy, culture, values and the leadership style of the individual team members are able to become more actively engaged and add significantly more value to the team and company as a whole. Besides the outcomes listed below, the opportunity of investing time together as a team, discussing important matters with a qualified facilitator has far reaching effects that are difficult to measure.

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Day program

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Ideal group size

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Expected outcome

  • Clarify the company goals and an understanding of each individuals responsibilities in achieving these
  • Improved interpersonal relationships and communication
  • Understanding of own critical success factors and how they affect the team
  • Understanding and action plan for personal development needs
  • Individuals become more actively engaged
  • Understanding the practical application or corporate values
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Identify and capatalise on team strengths
  • Strategic approach towards goal achievement
  • Leadership development


Who should attend?

Teams who have already attended a Performance Booster Program  and are serious about shifting to the next level. Individual coaching sessions can support individual team members between the Performance Booster Program and the Team Booster interventions.


How it works

Time Booster is run as a one-day (8 hour) intervention. The facilitation is built on interactive, introspective coaching modalities. The ideal group consists of between 8 – 12 delegates.


When & where?

Team Booster is run as a one-day (8 hours) intervention. The facilitation is built on interactive and coaching modalities.