The Time Booster Program

You can’t manage time, there is only ever 24 hours in a day. You can, however, manage yourself and manage how you invest your time. The Time Booster Program is, first and foremost, based on the Performance Booster Program’s principles of self-management and mindfulness. Only once a person becomes conscious about their ‘limiting time’ beliefs, mindsets, attitudes and habits; time management skills come into play. This highly introspective program attends to both self-management, as well as time management skills.

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Ideal group size

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Expected outcome

  • Understanding the difference between time “spent” and time “invested”;
  • Identify time wasters and strategies to eliminate them;
  • Finding the relation between the Iceberg of Excellence and effective time management;
  • Discovering how your relationship with time, mindsets and belief systems impacts your efficiency;
  • Overcoming procrastination;
  • Becoming solution-oriented and getting things done
  • In-completions: Action plan to finish incomplete tasks;
  • Identify negative time-related habits and patterns;
  • Goal setting;
  • Free up time by integrating life areas;
  • Applying the management cycle to invest time more effectively;
  • Developing and applying structured processes for each goal/activity;
  • Understanding how to prioritise;
  • Transactional vs. Transformational Time Management;
  • Pareto’s Principle;
  • Organising and delegating effectively;
  • Understanding self and leadership/managerial controls; and
  • Action plan


Who should attend?

The only requirement for the program is literacy, all levels and departments will benefit. We recommend a top-down approach., i.e management, sales, administration and production will all benefit. Groups can be made up of a combination of various departments or they can be grouped per department, as per client requirements.


How it works

Time Booster is run as a one-day (8 hour) intervention. The facilitation is built on interactive, introspective coaching modalities. The ideal group consists of between 8 – 12 delegates.


When & where?

The Time Booster program is run at the convenience of client’s chosen time and venue which can be confirmed upon making a booking.